Natural foods that could help make up your libido

Natural foods that could help make up your libido

The best supplements to increase male desire

Opposite to what one might think, the drop in desire is a widespread problem even in men, despite the common perception of considering “males” in a constant state of arousal. This situation can be many because the male libido is especially unstable, and it is not improbable that a lowering of sensual desire is generated. This happens mostly in periods of life that are amazingly stressful or high pressure, but this is the deciding factor; aging, an unhealthy lifestyle, and real medicines can contribute.

The difficulties of erectile dysfunction, that is, the failure to achieve and maintain an erection enough to have satisfactory intimate intercourse, mainly concern older men. Still, in some cases, they can also affect younger men. It is estimated that these problems’ frequency increases after 70 when about 65% of men have erectile dysfunction; this essentially due to the increase in vascular diseases that occur at this age. In most cases, erectile dysfunctions are caused by organic factors, connected to cavernous lesions or vascular anomalies, also linked with psychological factors. 

Contacting a specialist is the first step to put aside shame and taboos and resolve the problem, benefit personal and couple life, and enhance the lifestyle and take on the natural elements that can be effective. If Fildena or the vidalista 60, the medications used to combat erectile dysfunction, must be ordered by the doctor; however, some substances improve circulation and have a beneficial effect on erection. So let’s see what are natural complements and foods improve erection.

Causes of the drop in male libido

The causes of the lack of desire can be psychological or organic, so it is required to thoroughly investigate the problem’s nature.

In particular, it can make a distinction between organic and psychological conditions.

Organic or physiological causes

It can track the most basic physiological reasons back to hormonal imbalances with reduced testosterone creation or numerous chronic conditions, such as uremia, liver failure, and many tumors or neurological causes. The drop in physical interest can also be due to drug abuse such as alcohol and drugs or even medicines such as antidepressants, antiepileptics, and neuroleptics.

What to eat to gain erection?

First of all, it is good to reiterate that being in great health and eliminating unhealthy habits improves intimate life.

  • Not smoking;
  • Do not exceed alcohol;
  • Keep a good body mass index;
  • Decrease stress and consult a specialist in case of anxiety or depression.

Following a healthy diet is necessary because overweight and obesity problems favor the onset of cardiovascular disorders, affecting intimate performance and inhibiting libido, and creating psychological distress. The usual diet must include foods abundant in bioflavonoids such as lemons or grapes, oysters, aphrodisiac foods wealthy in zinc and vitamin B6, nuts, which contain sufficient amounts of zinc is vitamin B6, bananas, and other foods affluent in potassium, which adds to the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system. Furthermore, in case of necessity to solve this problem in the best possible way, we suggest using arginine supplements.

Psychological causes

Anxiety states can make causes of a psychological nature due to the pressure linked to performance and the fear of contracting illnesses. The drop in male desire can also be a result of depression or difficulty in relating. All these emotions and psychological discomforts can deeply affect loving desire, causing it to disappear.

What are natural aphrodisiacs?

With the term “aphrodisiacs,” we mean a class of natural or synthetic compounds capable of growing desire; in this regard, men have always used natural herbs and extracts to promote intimate health and, in particular, energy, fertility, and libido. But let’s see exactly which the natural aphrodisiacs par perfection are and which are the most interesting qualities and characteristics of Best Supplements to Improve Male intimate Desire:

Miura Puama bark

Miura Puama bark extract has a long history of excellence in traditional Amazonian remedies for common ailments of aging, including erectile dysfunction, weak libido, low fertility, and memory loss. This is one of the most potent herbs for intimate potency, but it appears to have a more important effect on male libido and virility;

Peruvian Ginseng

Peruvian Ginseng or Maca is a popular substance rich in nutrients, including minerals and vitamins. If applied consistently, male sensual desire increases considerably. This ingredient is also helpful for combating diseases such as impotence;

Goji berries

Goji berries, their healing qualities have been known since ancient times. The sequence of amino acids, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and proteins guards our skin against premature aging and fights inflammation. The physical benefits of these berries act on the stimulation of desire and more. These components improve blood circulation and increase testosterone levels, also working on the prostate.


Ashwagandha is best recognized for its use in the Ayurvedic medical system as an adaptogen and aphrodisiac. It is applied for a wide range of conditions, mainly turning around anxiety and stress. This herb is especially suitable for people who experience low libido or fertility due to constant stress. This plant is a tonic with a high aphrodisiac potential, which not only improves male libido and fertility but is also helpful in cases of impotence.

Diet for strength – natural aphrodisiacs


Oysters – contain a large amount of zinc and other elements that boost testosterone levels in men;

Shrimp and shrimp have recognized aphrodisiacs due to their potassium, high zinc content, phosphorus, and magnesium.


Nutmeg – in the Middle Ages called “lovers spice,” a pinch of this product is said to support to improve libido; Tadalista and vidalista 40 are also used as cure for impotence.

Ginger – the best works best when eaten fresh. It arouses the genital blood circulation, stimulates and prolongs the erection.


L ‘ watermelon is called natural Viagra. Adds energy and enhances the desire for love;

Peaches include many vitamins and trace elements that affect the desire and increase the sensations, although apricots and cracks have a slightly less impact.

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