From the moment your child has to eat ‘real’ food for the very first time – and from there for many years onwards – more or less all of the child’s meals are eaten in a high chair. The high chair is also the chair that gathers the family around the meal and is, therefore, an important piece of furniture that you will use daily from approx. 6 months of age and all the way up to your child is 6-7 years old and can start sitting on an adult chair.

When can baby sit in a high chair?

As a rule of thumb, children are ready to sit in highchairs when they reach the age of about six months. If you can answer the following things, the child is apparently ready:

  • My child can keep his back straight when the child is sitting in the highchair
  • My child can sit even without support from pillows, both in the back and in the sides

When the child starts sitting in a high chair, remember that the child must not sit there for too long. Young children can sit there for a maximum of 5-10 minutes. Over time, their backs and muscles get stronger and stronger, and they can sit in the chair for longer. However, it is important to keep an eye on whether your child seems tired – then it may be a sign that he has to get up from the high chair:

  • The child begins to fall forward
  • The back is curved
  • The child falls to the side uncontrollably

High chair – a cozy piece of furniture for the older child

A high chair is a beautiful and lovely piece of furniture to have in the house and one thing that most children will be very happy about. The highchair can both stand in the children’s room, but it can also easily stand-in, for example, the living room, where the child can play for himself, but still close to you. If you put the highchair together with a table at child height, there is a good chance that it will be a wonderful place where your child goes and can play for hours.

Tip # 1: A simple life hack for your floor

As soon as your child starts eating food in the highchair, a time with a lot of clean-up also follows. Most children waste a lot, and a lot of food often ends up on the floor instead of in the mouth.

If you are a little sensitive to your floor, and/or want to make cleaning easier for yourself, we recommend that you buy a plastic mat. The plastic mats are actually designed to lie under office chairs but are good to put under the child’s highchair. There are several benefits to this:

  • You protect your floor from grease, dirt, dyes, etc.
  • Cleaning is easier, as the plastic mat can be easily wiped off with a damp cloth
  • The child finds it easier to push the high chair away from the table, because it slides better on the plastic mat than on, for example, wooden floors. It is good when the older child of about 2 years himself begins to push himself away from the table

Now we take a closer look at the high chair, which is also an indispensable, practical, and functional piece of furniture for homes with small children. Below you will find our 3 tips and tricks for choosing a highchair.

Tip # 2: Give the child a highchair as a 2-year-old birthday present

When the child is almost two years old, drawing, modeling wax, puzzles, books, and so on start to get really interesting. And if the new interests are supported by a high chair and a children’s table, you give your child all the opportunities for a place where there is room for play and contemplation; both alone and with others.

Tip # 3: Find a high chair that fits your home

As with highchairs, there is today a large selection of unique, classic highchairs of high quality. A beautiful children’s chair gives personality to the children’s room, and fits into the rest of the home, whether you live minimalist and simple, or have a home full of colors and patterns. 

For example, we are quite fond of this highchair from Bonton, designed in honey-colored rattan and in a light and simple design. It also weighs almost nothing and can easily be moved around, depending on where you are in the home.

Tip # 4: Buy a highchair that matches your highchair

If you face buying a children’s chair, we recommend that you also get hold of a children’s table to match. That way you have a ‘set’ and a place where your child can play, draw, etc. If it is too early with a table, or you just need the highchair right now, it may still make sense to buy a children’s table. Then you just use the table somewhere else, for example, next to the cot with a small lamp on – right up until the day when there is a need to have a children’s table and chair in the same place.

We recommend that you buy a table that matches and fits the highchair. In this way, you ensure that the two pieces of furniture fit together, both in terms of design and functionality. A good guess would be that the children’s table from Combelle, perfectly suited for kids’ chairs from the same brand.

Another suggestion is this table-bench set from the Danish brand Oak by Nature, which is carpentry set in a beautiful and simple design. Here, too, the table and bench can easily be divided if, for example, a transition is more needed for the bench in the hallway. As with anything else, it’s about doing exactly what suits your needs as a family best.

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