Festivals or occasions are part of our life that brings joy and happiness, giving us a chance to celebrate with our loved ones. There are a number of festivities that we look forward to each year, to celebrate and have a memorable evening with our family and friends.

Saint Patrick’s Day is one of the most cherished occasions within the Christian community and others as well. Basically, Saint Patrick’s Day is a celebration of the Irish culture, remembering the Irish Saint – Saint Patrick, who brought forward Christianity in the 5th century. Usually, it is celebrated in the countries, where most of the people living are of Irish descent, on/or around the date of March 17th. This is the day when Saint Patrick is said to have died.

What do people do?

Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated in many parts of the world, especially by Irish communities living elsewhere. Some people celebrate it by going on a pilgrimage to Saint Patrick’s purgatory for spiritual healing since the early 13 century.

The day is celebrated by wearing mostly green clothing especially our favorite St. Patricks Day shirts, and hosting parties having Irish food and drinks on the menu. Where children are indulged in sweets, adults enjoy at the restaurants and pubs offering a variety of food and drinks that include:

  • Irish beer
  • Irish brown bread
  • Beef pie
  • Chocolate Mousse cake with Irish cream
  • Stew
  • Potato Champ
  • And of course, the most favorite Irish coffee

Symbols and traditional theme:

Shamrock is the symbol of Saint Patrick’s Day. It is the leaf of the clover plant and represents the holy trinity. Traditionally, people wear the color green, whereas orange color is often seen at Saint Patrick’s parade all around the world.

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The tradition of wearing green started from the people who believed that the green attire will make them invisible to the leprechauns (a fairy tale character that pinches anyone they see). Hence, people who did not wear green made them prone to the leprechauns’ pinch. This is how the ‘wear green or get pinched’ tradition began, which is still being followed. So, don’t be surprised if you get pinched when you don’t wear green.

The occasion of Saint Patrick’s Day begins with many preparations for the spiritual festivity. Shopping and bagging most of the things in green would be the basic idea for your seasonal planning. When it comes to clothes shopping, we must not limit ourselves with a limited choice of the clothing line. Revolving around with the basic theme, you can be as creative and revolutionary, to bring out the best of your style this Saint Patrick’s Day. The following suggestions about putting on the best attire this festival will not only save you from a pinch but will also help you to carry your thematic dress within fashion trends. 

Don’t Go Overboard:

Apart from having a hefty menu, you don’t need to go overboard in dressing up to coordinate with the festival theme of Saint Patrick’s Day. You might end up piling up on the Shamrock necklaces and studs, thinking that you are incorporating and coordinating with the true spirit of this day. But seriously, who would like to walk around looking like a box of lucky charms?

Here, I would like to emphasize taking special note of not going overboard in dressing up yourself with lots of green and shamrock charms. Make a resolution this year to come out of those conventional holiday clichés, and rather try something elegant yet festive. We are finally on the track of movement that follows the rule of less is more, and we are out of that weird sneaker trend.

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You do not need to wear green from top to bottom, even a little green in your attire would complement and get you into the spirit, making your day full of fun. If you want to dress up into a simple outfit that is easy to carry, just go for a simple green top or a stylish sweater, you can pair it up with simple jeans. Read more here about styles brand

Accessorize to Minimize:

Keeping your accessories in a neutral shade will keep your green color in the limelight. Saint Patrick’s Day is about wearing something green, but it does not mean to overload yourself with the green symbolized jewelry and accessories, that could make you look like a pistachio ice cream.

Breaking the monotony and adding variety to your style, is the key to true fashion sense. Live up to the theme, as much as it is required. In other words, minimize the number of accessories that you intend to use. This does not state that accessories are avoidable. It is vital for every fashionista to accessorize their style of clothing.

Festive Hats:

Hats are a forever fashion trend to follow for the past many years. If you are going for a subtle and elegant style, compliment your whole dress with a classic beret hat. However, if you are looking for some funky dress up, leprechaun top hats are the best accessory to carry during the whole parade.

You do not need the complete leprechaun attire, the long hat will suffice the purpose of emitting the true spirit of the festival. Sky’s the limit, try different hats in order to find the most suitable hat that you intend to wear.

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Make a Combination:   

This season we should invest more in neutral color apparel shopping. Everything does not need to be necessarily green. Build up different combinations of clothing that go with the main green color.

Rust orange is a terrific combination to go with green though always play safe by combining green with the beige or skinny combination line. Also, try to be different this year by getting the unconventional clothing like dulce dress, tie up tops, halter necks, and drop shoulder style in tops are never a miss.

Sock It Up:

Saint Patrick’s Day comes with all the accessories and party gear to carry your attire in the most festive way possible. If you were unable to shop properly for your proper clothing according to the theme, don’t worry and pull up the most festive socks available at any outlet and save yourself from getting pinched.

Use Props:

If you are hosting a party/ dinner on Saint Patrick’s Day, do not forget to add on the props for your photo booth standing at the corner. Be it Saint Patrick’s Day headbands or the funky glasses, everything will fill the air with a festive feel.

Final Words

Styling and gearing up for any occasion has simply no boundaries. However, it is crucial to decide upon the intensity of going into the run of going green on Saint Patrick’s Day. Wise are those people who remain within their styling sense and adapt to the theme with grace. Creativity is the key to appealing attire.