6 Easy Tips to Kickstart Your Fitness Regimen


Keeping up with a fitness regimen in our daily lives is not easy, especially for people with 9-5 working schedules. And let’s face it, COVID 19 has made it even more difficult as it significantly changed everyone’s mental and physical health. People often pay minimal to no attention when it comes to having a consistent fitness routine. A research study has shown that the global pandemic has decreased people’s physical activity, increased their screen time, and at the same time, has worsened their mental and physical health.

Having a fitness regimen has tons of benefits, and following it consistently is worth it. Working out does not only tone your body; it affects your mood as well as your skin. The right exercise can help your body stay healthy, lift your mood, and give you healthy-looking, glowing skin. If you are thinking of starting a fitness routine but don’t know where or how to begin, below are a few helpful tips and tricks for you to kickstart your fitness regimen.


The first and foremost tip to start your workout schedule is to do your research. Everybody is built differently, so before you start, you should do your research. You need to check your health, set your limitations, and make a tailored exercise plan according to your body type and needs.

You should also check what equipment you would need to work out at home. You can order a few basic ones like resistant bands, weights, or sit-up benches. You can find the most durable and long-lasting workout equipment on websites such as SportzBits.

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Start With Baby Steps

Another tip is to start with baby steps. Don’t dive directly into the hardcore exercises; choose the easy, convenient ones that don’t take much time or struggle. You can go for a jog with a friend or walk at home. For the first 7 days, exercise alternate days and start by 20 minutes jogging or brisk walking.

Even if you have just started to exercise, you will see results. The movement in your body would make you feel more energized, positive, and physically active the whole day, which would motivate you to make exercise a habit.

Find A Workout Partner Or Try A Group Class

Fitness Regimen

We all struggle to motivate ourselves, and working out alone obviously gets boring. To stay consistent, find a workout partner or enroll yourself in a workout group class that will motivate you to work out every day. Group classes or a workout partner can make it more fun, keep you more engaged, active and interested. It can also push you harder towards your fitness goals.

Make Time for Workout

One of the biggest reasons that keep most people from working out every day is time restriction. Their busy schedules do not allow them to take extra time out for any physical activities, ultimately leading to dangerous health problems.

The 9-5 grind can have a tiring effect on our health. People often complain about muscle cramps and aches because of poor posture. Sitting in one position for a longer period is not healthy for spinal muscles and shoulders. That is why you should always take a small amount of time for workouts. If it is before your work starts, the workout will help you feel energized and ready for the day. And if it is after your work hours, the workout will help relax your muscles, stay healthy and sleep better.

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Create A Monthly Plan

Another effective tip to get started with your fitness regimen is to have a fitness destiny. Note down what you need to eat, what you need to cut from your diet, and what exercises you need to do. Jot down the most effective exercises that suit you to stay healthy and practice those again and again. You can also pick up a calendar to set a 30 days challenge to tone your body. This will help keep track of your improvements.

Eat Healthy

Prepare yourself for the workout sessions with healthy food. Healthy food will help you stay in shape and keep that metabolism working just fine.

After a healthy heavy breakfast, you can always go for mixed fruit and vegetable salad full of nutrients for lunch and proteins for dinner. You can also research which food you can eat pre-workout and post-workout.


The secret to starting and sticking to your fitness regimen is to have fun while doing it. Keep finding ways to enjoy your daily workout routine. You can also make a playlist for yourself to stay motivated, as music is proven to strengthen your workout regimen by putting you in a better mood. This way, you feel motivated, energized and you push yourself harder during your workout session.