Is Fiber Optic Internet a Better Option for Your Household?

Fiber Optic Internet

Table of Contents

  • Fiber Optic Internet
  • What Makes Fiber Optic Internet So Popular?
  • High Speeds
  • No Overload
  • Reliable
  • Symmetrical Speeds
  • Improved Gaming Experience
  • Easily Handle Multiple Devices
  • To Sum It All Up

Fiber optic internet has become one of the most popular internet connection types in the country. It offers quick download speeds and is very reliable. But why has fiber internet earned such a great reputation? In this article, we will learn more about fiber connections to explain why they are preferred over other internet types. 

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Fiber Optic Internet

A fiber internet connection is offered to customers with the use of fiber-optic cables. These cables are as wide as human hair and are made of transparent glass or plastic. Data is transmitted through these cables in the form of beams of lights and can travel at 70% of the speed of light. 

Fiber optic connections are very efficient because of the type of cables being used. This is unlike the cables that are made of a conductor, which can pick up interference and even heat up, causing signals to weaken. Fiber optic cables are equipped to transmit data over long distances. You can visit BuyTVInternetPhone to find fiber internet providers in your area. 

What Makes Fiber Optic Internet So Popular?

High Speeds

By using fiber-optic cables, these connections can offer speeds almost 10 to 20 times faster than other connections. These connections can offer speeds as high as 1Gbps, which is faster than any speed we know. This is a lot faster than what is prescribed by the Federal Communications Commission’s definition for broadband internet. With such high speeds, streaming videos and downloading files just got a lot easier. 

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No Overload

Some providers use a technique known as throttling, to manage the speeds of the internet being offered to you. At peak times, your provider will reduce your internet speed to avoid an overload on their infrastructure. Fiber internet providers don’t have to bother with throttling speeds as they have fewer issues concerning overload. 


Most internet users will have to sit through spotty internet connections at one point or another. If you’re streaming videos, the images will get pixelated or websites will take longer to load, and images on your social media pages will not show. Fluctuating speeds and unreliable internet connections cause these issues repeatedly. 

A reliable internet connection should not cause these problems regularly. Your videos should not lag and your games shouldn’t take long to load. Fiber optic cables can handle a large flow of data, allowing you to multitask at better speeds. 

Symmetrical Speeds

There are two types of speeds that all internet plans advertise, known as the download and the upload speeds. Download speeds refer to the speed at which information is downloaded from the websites to your device. When you open a social media app like Instagram, the time it takes for the images to load is related to the download speeds. This speed also dictates how easily the video streams on Netflix or how quickly you can download large files. 

Upload speeds, on the other hand, relate to the speed at which you can upload content from your device to the internet. Usually, providers will offer high download speeds but very low upload speeds. Fiber optic plans offer upload speeds that are as fast as download speeds. 

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Improved Gaming Experience

Gaming experiences can be very different and be affected by your internet speeds. If you play games such as Fortnite, Minecraft, League of Legends, or any other multiplayer varieties, you need a high-speed internet connection.  

A high-speed internet connection can avoid glitches in the game at critical moments. A spotty connection can negatively impact the user’s gameplay negatively and even impact his or her rankings. With the aid of a fiber-optic connection, you will be able to avoid hiccups in the games and allow for a smooth flow of data between the user and the internet. 

Easily Handle Multiple Devices

There was a time when each adult had a single smart or internet-enabled device. But that is no longer the case. In a standard household with parents and children, each member of the house has two to three devices each that connect to the internet. Today, parents and children need laptops on which they study and work. They use their smartphones to chat with their friends and even have tablets. All of these devices are connected constantly to the internet with various apps updating regularly in the background. 

With a fiber internet connection, you would be able to enjoy a steady and reliable connection that can deal with a load of all the devices. They can work together, simultaneously. 

To Sum It All Up

Fiber optic internet offers a variety of benefits to its subscribers. One of the main advantages that the networks offer is fast speeds that make it way better than cable networks as well. All of these reasons make fiber internet a lot more reliable and consistent in contrast to other internet types. You can contact telefono de numero de Spectrum and learn more about the best connection for your household.