Sofa Add-Ons Chic Throw Pillows to Dress Your Sofa

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A sofa is one furniture we can’t afford not to have. It does not only give us a complete and finish look but it also provides relaxation and comfort to us. Aside from choosing the right fabric for your sofa, adding something on top of it will also help. Throw pillows are the best sofa add-ons we can think of having. It completes the look of our sofa and it also beautifies our living room.

If you are looking for the perfect throw pillows, you are on the right page. I’m going to state refine throw pillows that you can have to decorate your sofa.

  1. Velvet throw pillows

Velvet is undeniably a luxurious kind of fabric used in throw pillows for the sofa. Aside from its texture, it is also durable. Others say that having velvet throw pillows means maintaining it so it won’t be damaged. But the truth is velvet fabric is very durable and firm, that is why, it is present in modern homes.

One of the famous colors for your velvet throw pillows is color blue because it can complement to any design and color of your sofa.

  • Wool throw pillows

Another soft-textured throw pillow is wool. Wool is made from animal’s furs and skin. It is a flexible fabric which means it has a tendency to be elastic. A pure wool can be pricey but you will never regret buying it. It gives an elegant look and provides comfort because of its soft texture. Wool also complements any color and design of your sofa and often times, it stands out without even trying.

  • Chenille throw pillows
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The word Chenille in French means “caterpillar”. And the characteristic of a caterpillar does not differ with that of a chenille fabric. It is familiar in the textile world because of its softness. It is made of yarn and comes from other known fabrics such as cotton, wool and rayon. Chenille is also very durable and can stand the challenge of wear and tear.

  • Leather throw pillows

Speaking of durability, leather fabric is also ideal for your throw pillows. It can serve you for decades. Therefore, it is practical to have leather throw pillows as an option for throw pillows. It is also wrinkle-resistant, water-proof and its color does not fade easily. However, leather is not applicable to any kind of sofa. You have to make sure that leather complements well to the sofa you have at home. Otherwise, it will be odd to look at.

  • Cotton throw pillows

Cotton is also a good choice for your throw pillows. It is a natural fabric that is exemplary for its durability. It can withstand wear and tear and can serve you for many years. And it is also easy to wash and dry. Just like any throw pillows, this fabric comes in different color and style. You can personalize and customize your cotton throw pillow depending on the style you want to pull off.

  • Linen throw pillows

Linen is also a well-known fabric that is used as material for chairs, curtains and even for throw pillows. It is made from fine fibers making durability as its top characteristic. It is said to be the most durable natural fabric—durable than a cotton. Moreover, it is heavier and stronger than those of cottons. So it is very ideal to make it a fabric for your throw pillows. You can also choose design and colors of linen fabric depending of your preferences. Others customized their linen throw pillows which is also a good idea.

  • Silk throw pillows
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The last fabric we have is silk. Silk is also a natural fiber made from plants and animal’s skin. It is known for its shiny texture and, of course, for its durability. If you are a homeowner that wants the throw pillows looks like those in the castle, then you can choose silk throw pillows. It gives a shimmering aura to your sofa. It is one of the most luxurious fabric markets has ever made.

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