How Remote Staff Augmentation with Agile Teams Gives You Better Control?

Remote Staff Augmentation

During this tough economy, many businesses are suffering from different types of challenges. Their focus is on enabling growth, efficiency, and using all the resources smartly. Outsourcing or remote staff augmentation is one option software engineers look for to accomplish their goals.

But some software is growing according to business requirements and uses agile development methods to build evolving products. Due to iterative and ongoing development, some software projects fail to complete.

What is Staff Augmentation?

Staff augmentation is a flexible strategy that allows businesses to hire talented remote employees. It’s a hiring process, but it mostly involves external/international talent as a candidate for full-time and part-time contracts. When you apply staff augmentation, you can fill the knowledge gap, access skill-full software developers, and speed up the hiring process compared to the local market.

By defining each remote worker role, embracing open communication, supporting documentation-driven development, and using other project management tools, you can achieve business milestones faster than before. It will be easier for you to build products within the given timeframe.

How Does it Work?

There are many different but unique ways to engage staff augmentation talent successfully. Similarly, an online platform like Aspired is an online site through which you can easily access talented people from anywhere in the world. Aspired ensures to align every remote employee’s skills and talent with your business needs.

Moreover, you can have remote workers on-demand too. Aspired provides on-demand developers and takes care of screening, sourcing, and onboarding of engineers for you. They have multiple talented developers who are experts in various seniority and technologies. You’ll also have the option to hire developers for full-time or part-time.

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Every remote employee goes through a vetting process, which includes personality assessment and aptitude. They can be a part of a company only if they pass their vetting procedure. Remote staff augmentation also allows candidates to attend daily standups and use advanced tools more efficiently.

On the other hand, there is a category of independent contractors. For independent contracts, you don’t need a third-party platform. The developer you select comes directly from them, and you’ll be the one who has to discuss all the terms with the developer. It’s important to have a strong hiring criterion because if anything goes wrong, it’s on you!

Key Benefits of Staff Augmentation

Rely on remote staff augmentation because it can yield a list of benefits. You can easily reap these benefits from both internal and hybrid staff. But what are those benefits?

  • Affordability

Remote staff augmentation offers companies with best solutions and services while ensuring that there will be no unending long-term obligation. Moreover, one of the benefits, especially for startups, is decreasing their necessity to endure factors such as insurance and tax benefits to full-time workers.

  • Access to Specialized Skills

There are times when you miss any specific knowledge and skills in your team for a project. One of the significant benefits of remote staff augmentations is that workers are exceptionally talented and specialized skills. Companies around the world can have access to an extensive selection of candidates because the market is considerably big.  

  • Increased Capacity

Another significant benefit of remote work is the elimination of the infrastructural costs and utility bills acquired by companies. When you hire workers with a flexible work style, they work remotely. As a company, you’ll have the advantage of hiring specialists without worrying about the substantial cost of operations and housing from a fixed location (office).

  • Significantly Save Time
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By hiring remote workers through staff augmentation, you can eliminate the hiring process’s length (traditional process). It gives you additional assistance with the training, screening, and onboarding process. Staff augmentation can fill the gap in your team at a much faster pace.

What Is the Agile Method?

The agile method is a methodology you use for project management. It allows you to develop a team response and change process for effective results. The agile method is proven; you can manage and succeed efficiently even in an uncertain work environment. Approaching this method for any project is highly adaptive. It focuses on getting an in-depth knowledge of the current environment. You will understand the best ways to adapt to uncertainty and your work scope that lies ahead.

On another side, an agile team with co-development is like an umbrella term. This term means a variety of best practices and frameworks can be leveraged to work together efficiently in off-premise and on-premise dispersed teams.

As the main focus is always on the relevant workers. It naturally evolves from a collaboration among self-organized cross-functional IT workers.

Agile Team Breaking Barriers with Remote Staff Augmentation

IT and software engineering is a team sport and to manage an IT remote team requires reliable software and methods. Due to which remote staff augmentation the most preferred method for outsourcing development.

To foster a strong working relationship, companies should tear down all the barriers and enable agile teams to work together both physically and virtually. They should also partner with vendors; this helps a company accomplish all the desired goals smoothly.

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The idea behind remote staff augmentation is mostly about building a strong partnership instead of projects. An excellent remote staff augmentation company hire, recruit, pay, onboard, and provide other benefits for offshore developers. Through this, developers can join teams as extended, deploy project/task on-demand, and embed members as long as required.  

Indeed, they can work dedicatedly virtually and promote a one-team mindset. Remote staff augmentation with the agile team brings better control for you. How? Well, you get to shortlist candidates with specific experience and skills according to your company’s requirements.

Staff augmentation team members are more like an investment for long-term success. These remote team workers will be accountable directly to you. However, if you’re developing a global product, you need to add a valuable global perspective, especially for critical elements like customer-centric.

Meeting roadmaps is another important part of delivering a great product. Hire a developer for a startup or enterprise-level agency from Aspired; they will connect their remote staff who are already aware of your company’s culture, code set, product, and process with your review and oversight.


Connecting with Aspired won’t bring disappointment to you. You’ll witness a smooth workflow in remote staff augmentation with agile teams. In the mobile-first world, everyone is connected; in this advanced technology era, Aspired connects you with an elite remote team without any excuses.