How Much Compensation Can You Get for a Work-Related Injury in Virginia?

Injury in Virginia

After sustaining a serious injury, your life can turn upside down. Knowing that you might be eligible for workers’ compensation can help alleviate some tension. However, what if you have to undergo a surgical procedure for your injury? This realization is accompanied by overwhelming stress and interferes with your recovery and peace of mind. That is why you should get legal help, so you can understand what your options are and protect your rights.  A good attorney will guide you through the claims process, letting you concentrate on healing. 

Although work-related injuries can take place in any body party, some areas are more prone to injuries than others. The Workers’ Compensation Commission in Virginia says that most claimants have injured their upper extremities. These include the arms, which extend from the shoulder joint to the fingertips. It has around thirty bones as well as different nerves, blood, vessels, and muscles. A workplace injury can occur in any part such as the upper arm, forearm, or hand. 

Does Your Injury’s Location Impact Your Settlement Amount?

Whether an injury’s location will impact your settlement amount depends on some factors. These include the extent of your injury and its effects like the level of impairment. Compensation for permanent partial and total disability and disfigurement has legally specified settlement amounts. But When it comes to settlements for workers’ compensation claims, it is important to keep in mind that they are negotiated, not awarded. 

After you undergo medical treatment and once you reach maximum medical improvement, your lawyer can work on your compensation case to include designated disability compensation benefits. The workers’ compensation law in the state lays out further specifics like the loss of a hand, leg, arm, foot, hearing in one ear, or vision in one eye. To be compensated for permanent and total disability, your injury should include the loss of both feet, hands, legs, or eyes. 

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The Amount of Compensation You Can Get Because of Surgery Due to a Work-Related Injury

The amount you can expect to get depends on the kind of injury you sustained and surgery, how you suffered the injury, future lost wages, future medical needs, and permanent damage. You must take into account a lot of things, so it’s important to seek legal guidance.

But everything depends on whether your work accident is lawfully compensable. To be compensable, your injury should have occurred out of and during your course of employment. As for the amount, your attorney can consider the specific facts and circumstances surrounding the accident.