What Exactly Does Eco-Friendly Pest Control Mean?

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Eco-friendly pest control is a recent trend in the pest control industry. People are becoming increasingly ecologically conscious as a result of factors such as climate change and plastic pollution. This understanding has now spread to the pest control sector. People are no longer interested in pesticide-heavy solutions. They want something that is gentler on the environment. These folks are equally worried about the pain endured by so-called nuisance animals. But, what precisely is eco-friendly pest control?

How does eco-friendly pest control work? What is it?

Eco-friendly pest management may be carried out in two different methods. The use of heat treatments is the primary method, to start.

Because no pesticides are needed, this procedure is deemed ecologically safe. Instead, an extremely hot vapour is used to treat the damaged region, killing the insect pests. This implies that no hazardous chemical residue enters the environment or the water table. It’s also a highly effective remedy.

Additionally, by using this technique, you avoid contact with toxins.

Your health is protected since no chemicals are used. The use of heat treatments for pest control is effective and ecofriendly. Nothing is left behind; all insects, including eggs and larvae, are exterminated. In fact, we currently favour this approach over the usage of herbicides and pesticides, and we would advise you to ask specialists to apply it.

Rodent capture is the second eco friendly pest control technique. As you can see, rat traps use incredibly potent poisons and rodenticides.

These not only kill the animal but also affect the ecosystem. Additionally, this could take place after considerable discomfort and suffering. This is not actually essential. As we’ve already stated, an animal should not endure pain simply because it is seen as a pest.

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Can pest control be carried out without endangering animals?

Live capture traps are the solution. These traps capture rats alive rather than killing them. We then release them far away from your home and other residences, allowing them to live outside. This is a significantly more humanitarian solution than slaughtering these creatures. It also implies that no ecologically hazardous toxins are employed.

Along with this, there are hundreds of different Emergency Pest Control London solutions. This involves employing natural insect repellents as well as particular processes that reduce the amount of harm we do. One of these policies, for example, states that bees should never be harmed under any circumstances. DIY pest management may also be environmentally beneficial, for example, by utilising essential oils as a repellant. Please contact us if you want to learn more about this or any other pest control topic.