Some Common Pet-Friendly Steps to Take During Pest Control

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Pests and pets can never stay together! You will need to be extremely careful of your pets when you are planning to go for pest control. Call services from pet friendly pest control to ensure the safety of your beloved pets. 

Take a look at few steps you must take for your pets before or during pest control:

  1. Change Your Pet’s Place

You need to either take your pets to a different locality (such as your friend’s or relative’s) or make them stay in a different room for some time. Pets should not even get close to the place where you are doing pest control. A slightest mistake can prove fatal to your most beloved pets.

  1. Keep Toys Covered

It is always advisable to keep your pet toys in a closet which is not meant for pest control. You may also keep your pet’s toys covered in plastic bags so they don’t smell of any chemical. If at all the toys are exposed to the chemicals, it is highly recommended that you wash them separately in washing machine.

  1. Cover Pet Food

Do not forget to cover all your pet food and keep those jars and packets away from the place where pest control is opted. Throw the leftover food immediately (without any hesitation) if exposed to the pest control chemicals.

  1. Avoid Poison Cakes or Sticky Pad Traps

Avoid the idea of placing rodent poison cakes and sticky pad traps if you have pets at home. Those innocent ones do not know the difference between what is right or wrong. They may hurt themselves too badly or lose their life, if these things are not taken seriously. 

  1. Give Your Pet A Shower
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Accidently, if your pet is exposed to the toxic environment, it is always advisable to check with your vet and give him or her a shower. Do not avoid if your pet smells of some chemicals. They have a habit of licking themselves and this may prove fatal later. 

  1. Understand Your Pet’s Gestures

If at all, your pet has inhaled the toxic air or has eaten something poisonous, accidentally, rush him or her to a vet. They know how to get your pets to normal conditions. This may take few hours or days, but you can save your pet by understanding few gestures and symptoms he or she may show.  

Lastly, always go for pet friendly pest control only to ensure utmost safety of your beloved pets.