Traveling Solo in Sri Lanka: The Ultimate Guide

Sri Lanka

Travelling alone to Sri Lanka is a safe and thrilling way to experience this amazing island nation. This guide will provide everything you should know about travelling solo through Sri Lanka, especially for women!

Sri Lanka may be small, but it’s an amazing country with plenty of amazing activities. From the numerous gorgeous beaches and stunning views of mountains to the rolling tea fields, there’s plenty for everyone to experience and discover. In addition, the country has a rich and diverse heritage that spans hundreds of years.

Is Sri Lanka Safe for Solo Female Travel?

Ultimately, Sri Lanka is safe for women travelling alone. I travelled for two weeks by myself, and I haven’t faced any issues. The Sri Lankans I encountered were very welcoming and willing to help, and I discovered it quite easy to meet new people at my hostels. This is one of the many benefits of travelling alone!

I’ll say that, like many other countries around the globe, sexual harassment targeted at women is a reality regularly in Sri Lanka, and there have been a few shocking stories about sexual harassment within the country. I’m not trying to scare anyone. On the contrary, I believe women should be able and able to visit Sri Lanka and anywhere in the world.

It’s important to be aware, vigilant, and trust your intuition when something seems wrong. Don’t be shy about expressing your feelings. If you can be more social, meet new people at the hostel or in your hotel when uncomfortable.

For solo female travellers seeking safety and excitement, Sri Lanka tours from Australia can be thrilling. Sri Lanka boasts stunning landscapes, from pristine beaches to lush tea plantations and historic sites; by joining organized tours, you can explore this vibrant island nation with peace of mind, knowing experienced guides will ensure your experience is both pleasurable and safe. From exploring Colombo streets to trekking up Sigiriya Rock, these Sri Lanka tours from Australia provide the ideal blend of excitement and comfort!

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Sri Lanka for Solo Travelers: Best Places to Visit 

In general, any part of Sri Lanka is ideal for solo travel. However, for the ladies interested in travelling to Sri Lanka, here are the top 10 perfect destinations to visit!

1. Colombo

You’re likely flying toward Colombo, Sri Lanka’s biggest city. Colombo is a bustling city that can be overwhelming and is usually considered something other than a place worth visiting in Sri Lanka, especially compared to these unique places.

If you’re interested in or are seeking ways to pass the time before taking off, there’s plenty of fun to be had in Colombo. The perfect activities to enjoy when you visit Colombo are exploring the National Museum, learning more about the background and colonial buildings, visiting temples in the local area, and wandering around the streets.

2. Sigiriya and/or Dambulla

Sigiriya is a gorgeous location in the northwestern Matale District of the country, home to the old Lion Rock Fortress. It’s an important stop on the Cultural Triangle, a classic Sri Lanka backpacking route that showcases the best attractions.

The fortress’s ancient history is one of the main tourist attractions in the region, and the surrounding ancient cities Pidderangala and Annueara and Pidderangala and Annueara, Pidurangala Rock hike, and close Minneriya National Park are other popular places to visit. 

Dambulla is the city. Dambulla is also a quick bus ride away, and you will find the renowned Dambulla Cave Temples. Many prefer staying in Dambulla, while others prefer Sigiriya, a smaller city. Sigiriya.

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