The 6 Vital Nutrients for Plant Health


It is not always easy to grow happy, healthy plants! To fully develop, plants require thirteen different nutrients from the soil. Six of these nutrients are extremely important.

Nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, sulfur, and calcium are the six essential nutrients. The cool thing about these essential nutrients is that they aid in the formation of new cells, which then organize into plant tissue. Growth and survival would be impossible without these nutrients.

What Are the Functions of These Nutrients? Let’s Break It Down Nutrient by Nutrient

  1. Nitrogen: Nitrate (the form of nitrogen used by plants) promotes strong foliage growth by influencing leaf development. It also contributes to the green color of plants by aiding in the production of chlorophyll ( Nitrogen Fertilizers 101 is a blog with more information on nitrogen.
  2. Phosphorus: Phosphorus is essential for the growth of roots and flowers. Phosphorus also aids plants in their resistance to environmental stress and harsh winters ( For more information on phosphorus, see this blog post: Why Your Plants Need Phosphorus.
  3. Potassium: Potassium strengthens plants, aids in early development, and aids in water retention. It also has an impact on the plant’s disease and pest resistance (
  4. Magnesium: Magnesium aids to plant greenness (
  5. Sulfur: Sulfur helps plants fight illness while also promoting plant growth and seed development. They also help to produce amino acids, proteins, enzymes, and vitamins (
  6. Calcium: Calcium promotes cell wall growth and development. This is significant because well-developed cell walls aid in disease resistance. It is also required for plant metabolism and nitrogen absorption (
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How Do You Incorporate These Nutrients Into The Soil? Examining Well-Balanced Fertilizers

One of the advantages of the six basic nutrients is their accessibility.

Adding a well-balanced fertilizer is a simple technique to boost soil nutrition levels. Check out Holganix’s fertilizer alternatives, which include Holganix Blue Sky 21-0-0, Holganix 2-10-20, and Holganix granular.

Nutrient Unlocking in the Soil

These nutrients are already present in healthy soil, however some, such as nitrogen and phosphorus, are often trapped in an useless state for the plant.

Plant and soil probiotics are ACTIVE, beneficial microorganisms that help plants absorb nutrients from the soil. They also promote longer, web-like root systems that can mine for nutrients deeper in the soil.

Soil Health Can Be Improved by Using Microbes

Holganix Bio 800+ infuses soil with over 800 soil microbe species to improve plant performance. What does this imply for you?

That is, you improve soil and root health while also reaping the benefits of improved soil structure. This translates to increased crop yield, improved golf course playability, and less need for fertilizers and pesticides on lawns.

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