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Las Vegas in-room massage advises all of its clients to complete exercises ranging from easy to difficult in order to maintain proper posture and avoid spine disorders. When we bend forward (we used to bend three to five thousand times each day), the three natural curves of the spine, the discs in the spine, and the ligaments do all of the effort. Over time, the spinal system wears and rips as a result of so many repetitions. When we bend our curves for extended periods of time, such as when we slouch, work, or study, the natural curve of the spine declines, causing additional pressure and stress for the entire back- the spine, neck, joints, ligaments, and so on.

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Most persons with poor posture are unaware of the discomfort and changes in their back until they reach the age of thirty. After the age of thirty, the strain imposed on ligaments in the spine (mainly from slouching) leads them to rip. It will result in more abnormal spine curves and misalignment. The discomfort typically begins with stiffness and soreness in the neck, shoulder, and midback. And the discomfort and impact finally spread to the head, hip, legs, and feet. However, if we maintain proper posture during our everyday activities, the odds of looking like the Hunchback of Notre Dame are reduced to nil! Too many activities we do every day contribute to spinal structure damage, including hobbies like gardening, reading, and sewing, as well as occupations like cashier, physical labour, office work, housework, and studying.

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Here are some posture advice from Las Vegas in-room massage to maintain your spine secure as we go about our everyday lives.

  • Remember, remember, remember! Chin in, chest out, stomach tight.
  • Always sit erect when driving. Your head must be in contact with the headrest, and your back must be in contact with the seat. Keep your shoulders back by straightening your arms.
  • When working with a COMPUTER, make sure the screen is at eye level, with your chest out and chin in! Place your keyboard at the level of your elbow to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome in your hand. Las Vegas in-room massage advises you to always sit with a lumber roll. Not only when using a computer, but also when dining, driving, and even watching television!
  • Sit up straight on the couch when watching TV. Slouching is not permitted. Also, do not sit for hours! While watching television, get up every twenty or thirty minutes and move about or perform some Las Vegas in-room massage exercises.
  • If you have a neck condition, you should not sleep on your stomach. You can sleep on your back or your side. When sleeping on your side, position your head forward rather than down at your body. Looking down can put tension on the neck and back muscles. Also, just use one pillow. While sleeping, you don’t require much height. It will strain your neck first, and then it will impede your natural breathing.
  • Do not slouch when reading. Place your book at your eye level. Also, no more reading in bed! At least while I’m resting in bed. You may sit with your complete back against the headboard and read at night.
  • Also, when conducting HOUSE CHORES, such as cleaning the floor, stoop and kneel. It will remove the most stress applied on it.
  • Don’t look down for lengthy periods of time when doing your HOBBIES, such as sewing, reading, or quilting. Take breaks every twenty to thirty minutes and move about as much as possible.
  • Overall, Las Vegas in room massage recommends taking frequent breaks and performing simple exercises whenever possible. Don’t work on computers, read books, or clean for a marathon. Allow some time for your ligaments and muscles to relax before proceeding.