Navigating Financial Challenges: Your Guide to 8 Legal Money Loan Apps in 2023-2024

Money Loan Apps

The surge in prices and a decrease in income have prompted many to seek financial solutions, making money loan apps a popular choice in the current economic climate. In this article, we present an updated list of 8 legal money loan apps for the years 2023-2024, each backed by reputable banks and financial institutions. Site: แอปกู้เงิน แอพกู้เงิน แอปเงินด่วน

1. Money Tid Lor

Ngern Tid Lor offers diverse loan services catering to various vehicle owners, including sedans, motorcycles, trucks, and trading trucks. With Bank of Ayudhya as a shareholder, this app provides high credit limits with no need for a guarantor and installment options for up to 60 months.

  • Maximum credit limit: 100,000 baht
  • Interest: 0.79% per month
  • Approval period: Immediate or up to 2 days

2. Krungsri iFIN

Krungsri iFIN provides personal loans accessible through the KMA-Krungsri application, offering the convenience of uploading required documents via smartphones. Users can expect a lump sum transferred into their accounts, with a maximum credit limit of 2 million baht or not more than 5 times their income.

  • Maximum credit limit: 2 million baht
  • Interest: 3% per year
  • Approval period: 1 day

3. Dolfinmoney

Dolfinmoney streamlines the loan process with a personal loan in the form of a Virtual Card, allowing users to withdraw funds easily via the K Plus app or Kasikorn Bank ATMs. With a maximum credit limit of 5 times the income and a speedy 5-minute approval time, it offers a convenient solution.

  • Maximum credit limit: 5 times your income
  • Interest: Maximum 25% per year
  • Approval time: 5 minutes

4. Xpress Loan

Xpress Loan, an online loan app from Kasikorn Bank, focuses on easy borrowing and quick credit approval. With no need for securities or personal guarantors, users can apply with just a national ID card through the K Plus application, making it an excellent option for emergency loans.

  • Maximum credit limit: 5 times your income
  • Interest: Lowest 17% per year
  • Approval period: 15 days
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5. Finnix

Finnix, a financial product under the Siam Commercial Bank group, offers legal loans within 5 minutes. With a focus on easy loans, fast approval, and large credit lines, Finnix caters to self-employed individuals and general contractors, requiring only a monthly income of 8,000 baht or more.

  • Maximum credit limit: 100,000 baht
  • Interest: 2.75% per month
  • Approval time: 5 minutes

6. Thander Money

Thander Money, supervised by the Bank of Thailand and provided by SCB Abacus Company Limited, allows borrowers up to 15 months to repay the loan. No holidays, deposits, or hidden fees are involved, offering a convenient and transparent loan service.

  • Maximum credit limit: 50,000 baht
  • Interest: 2.75% per month
  • Approval period: 24 hours

7. Turbo Money

Turbo Money is a widely recognized application for online money borrowing, offering instant approval and covering both secured and unsecured loans. With a maximum installment payment period of 84 months and competitive interest rates, Turbo Money has recently joined forces with Kasikorn Bank.

  • Maximum credit limit: Details depend on each type of product
  • Interest: 0.68%
  • Approval period: 24 hours

8. Money Hub

For entrepreneurs or small business owners seeking quick access to capital, Money Hub’s “Good Person Loan” can be applied for through the Money Hub application. With a minimum income requirement of 15,000 baht and interest installments for up to 12 months, it provides a hassle-free way to secure funds.

  • Maximum credit limit: 50,000 baht
  • Interest: 2.75% per month
  • Approval period: 24 hours

How to Spot Illegal Money-Lending Apps

Alongside legal options, it’s crucial to be aware of illegal money-lending sources that may deceive applicants. Several methods can help identify fraudulent or illegal services, including checking contact information, verifying the existence of the company, and being cautious of unrealistically high rewards or benefits.

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In conclusion, while legal money loan apps offer immediate financial solutions, it’s essential to explore various avenues for growing one’s finances. Whether through saving, investing, or utilizing money-making apps, individuals can choose an approach aligned with their financial goals and preferences. Each method has its unique benefits, whether providing immediate funds or yielding long-term returns, depending on individual priorities.

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