Hearing impairment? Need high Tech help

hearing impairment

Hearing loss can occur for various reasons.

It can be mild, or it can be complete hearing loss.

It is easy and painless to study the hearing status of an adult or a child in ebizz.

It has all the necessary modern equipment and experienced ENT and audiologists.

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There are the following types of hearing loss:

1. Sensorineural hearing loss

Due to the death of receptors in the cochlea of ​​the middle ear, the process of converting mechanical air vibrations into electrical impulses is disrupted, which leads to a distortion in the quality of sound perception. What can lead to this type of hearing loss? Consequences of measles, mumps, AIDS, meningitis. And also when taking alcohol. It is noteworthy that a third of children become deaf due to intrauterine infection with sexually transmitted diseases! Treatment is usually conservative. Treatment of vascular disease. If it does not help, then a surgical operation is performed under a microscope – cochlear implantation. When the implant receives sound signals and converts them into electrical signals that the nerves transmit to the brain.

2. Conductive hearing loss:

The reason for the development of this type of hearing loss is the presence of interference along the route and an increase in sound power in the auricle: otitis externa, trauma to the eardrum, sulfur plug, tumor, otosclerosis. Here, too, conservative treatment is possible. In case of treatment failure, a surgical operation is used – stapedoplasty (prosthesis of the auditory stapes) Operation to restore the auditory ossicle chain – ossiculoplasty . Restoration of the eardrum occurs during the operation – tympanoplasty . If there is fluid in the middle ear, the doctor performs an operation – myringotomy .

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3.Mixed hearing loss

A combination of the above types of hearing loss.

4. Sudden deafness

Hearing is impaired for a short period of time, several hours. Reasons: exposure to viruses, trauma, tumors. Self-healing often occurs, but sometimes urgent help from specialists in medical clinics is needed.

5. Acute hearing loss

Hearing is impaired over a longer period of time, up to several days.

6. Chronic hearing loss

Hearing is gradually impaired, a person from month to month, from year to year feels a slow but irreversible hearing loss.

There are the following degrees of hearing loss:

  • 1 degree: a person distinguishes 50% of words in a noisy environment, does not hear a whisper at a distance of 2 meters.
  • Grade 2: inability to hear a whisper at a distance of a meter, normal speech at a distance of 4 meters.
  • Grade 3: hearing aid use, disability.
  • Grade 4: the patient has difficulty distinguishing spoken language at a distance of up to 1 meter.

The main cause of hearing loss is the inevitable age-related changes in the human body, it is as natural as graying hair and declining visual acuity. As statistics show, in the age groups of people with hearing loss:

  • about 20% – aged 50 to 60 years,
  • about 30% – aged 60 to 70 years,
  • about 40% are over the age of 70.

Unfortunately, the age when this disease is detected is decreasing, more and more young people are turning to specialized clinics. The reasons for this fact are inflammatory processes in the outer and middle ear: otitis externa, otitis media and others.

All hearing restoration operations are high-tech. Very few ENT surgeons in Krasnoyarsk can do this. The doctors at the effi clinic are fully versed in this art. In addition, there is all the necessary modern equipment and excellent service. We do hundreds of these operations a year.

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Operations can be performed both under local anesthesia and under general anesthesia. Of course, it is important that patients do not start diseases of the ear, but turn to qualified specialists in a timely manner.

When to contact an ENT doctor for a hearing test:

  • otitis;
  • inflammation of the inner ear;
  • hearing loss;
  • noise in ears;
  • head and ear injuries.