Four Things You Do That Can Hurt Your Personal Injury Claim in Onalaska County, WI

Personal Injury

If you sustained a personal injury in an accident caused by the negligence of another party, you are up against difficult opponents. Insurers have all the necessary resources to give you a tough fight. Thus, you need to act quickly and make smart decisions. If you want to make a claim, a personal injury lawyer in Onalaska County, WI can help you recover compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, and even emotional damage that result from the accident. You must know what mistake you could make that can ruin your claim or chances of securing monetary compensation. These include the following:

Signing Documents Associated with the Accident

When insurers approach, they will encourage you to sign some documents early on as you get medical treatment. These documents may look simple on the outside, but they may have a lot of complicated fine print and hidden clauses you may not understand or even take time to read. As a result, you may sign away your right to compensation and release the insurance companies from further responsibility should you need more treatment in the future. 

Posting on Social Media

Insurance companies will use anything they can access to justify their intention to devalue or deny your claim. They may use your social media posts to discredit your claims. You can avoid this by temporarily staying away from social media. If you want to keep your profile, ensure you maintain high privacy settings and never accept friend requests. 

Not Attending Doctor’s Appointments

As you get treatment for your accident-related injuries, you need to follow your doctor’s recommendation including your follow-up appointments. If you miss your appointments or ignore recommendations, the insurance company may assume that you’re not concerned about your health, well-being, or recovery. 

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Not Being Honest with Your Lawyer

When you start working with a personal injury attorney, you must be honest about everything. Your honesty is important, so your attorney can craft the best case for you. This allows them to help you recover your pre-injury life and get the maximum compensation you deserve. The last thing you want is to shock your attorney with some truth in the middle of their representation. For instance, if you were in a car accident and you believed you contributed to it, you must inform your attorney about this. In Wisconsin, the amount of financial recovery you can expect will be reduced based on your percentage of fault for the accident. By telling your attorney in advance, they can make sure you get the compensation you are entitled to.