Child Pornography Charges and Criminal Defense Lawyers In New Jersey

Criminal Defense Lawyers

Distributing or possessing child pornographic material is strictly a big ‘no’ in most parts of the U.S. There are several situations where child pornography charges were filed against some innocent people who may possess the child pornographic material unknowingly. For example, you might have downloaded some images on your desktop or laptop without realizing that they are related to child pornography. 

It can also be possible that you have clicked the wrong link or on the wrong image, which led to the download of child pornographic videos or images. If you are looking for the best New Jersey criminal defense lawyer, you could approach the Law Office of Matthew V. Portella, LLC. Their criminal defense lawyers have good experience in handling child pornographic cases. They will mostly try to achieve a favourable judgement.

If nothing seems to work, they will at least try to reduce the charges. Whether you possess or distribute child pornography content, there can be some serious consequences for it in New Jersey. You may lose your job. You may experience housing restrictions and public scrutiny. All of this can be mentally disturbing. Understand that you will be considered as innocent until you are proven guilty in court. 

Criminal defense lawyers try their best to save you from all of this. They will build various strategies to achieve case dismissal or favourable judgment. The punishment for this kind of crime can be around 4 to 5 years of jail time, along with a huge penalty. For child pornography distribution, the jail time can be around ten years with a huge penalty. 

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For the investigation, a law enforcement officer may visit your house directly for investigation. They can make a call as well. Sometimes, your entire family might be using one computer. In such a case, a law enforcement officer wants to know who has downloaded those images. In such a case, you could contact your criminal defense lawyer to know how to proceed further. 

Before you hire a criminal defense lawyer in New Jersey, check their experience. Check their success rate. Hiring a successful criminal defense lawyer can be highly beneficial for your case. You can expect a reduction in charges or case dismissal by hiring a successful lawyer. A good criminal defense lawyer can give you hope. 

They may build your confidence again. 

Contact the best criminal defense lawyer in New Jersey today to save yourself from the serious punishment of possessing or distributing child pornographic videos or images!