3 Ways To Match The Mask With Your Daily Outfit And Boost Your Looks

3 Ways To Match The Mask With Your Daily Outfit And Boost Your Looks

It’s been long since we got used to wearing masks in the public due to the whole corona thing and although the mask may be a compulsion that doesn’t mean you have to keep wearing that boring surgical masks while going out and look pretty dull in it.

We are here to tell you that how you can change your style quotient with the custom face mask because the situation is not in our hands but the way we dress up ourselves can still give us slight happiness amongst the fear and negativity we are surrounded with.

After the lockdown got lifted, the people started coming out on the streets but with a new mandatory add up in your style which you have no option to remove.

This gave us all a reality check with the upcoming life and the space masks have made into while you are going out for a party, your office, or simply a nice brisk walk session in the park nearby and who knows how much time the mask will take to bid us goodbye.

Even if the disposable mask is the cheapest and easiest option to go for, people are tired of wearing them and seeing other’s faces hiding behind those blue boring masks. The major downfall of such masks is that they aren’t reusable and promotes the overall waste produced.

Choosing a reusable fabric mask will be a smart decision here and you can get them printed in your style, shape, and size from various sources. This way you are not putting stress on the environment, keeping yourself safe from the virus, and looking excellent with the various custom face mask options available who will provide an aesthetic appeal to your overall look.

Having your customized mask will be the new fashion trend in the coming months since we are living amidst the masks ever since the coronavirus breakdown.

Various companies are now hiring designers so that they can produce jaw-dropping designs which can be provided to the mass population in a reasonable amount so that people have one less thing to worry about. The choice of options would be plenty in this and everyone can get hands-on with the mask which they think will meet the requirements of their outfit combinations.

Since we have to spend a considerable amount of time in this situation, why not just embrace the face and look bright and shining while going out along with keeping the safety measures top-notch. Making your face cover and looking stylish altogether needs to undergo three-step checklists so that your style can remain perfect.

1. It’s All About The Balance

When you have to customize face mask keep in mind the prints or patterns you wear mostly and which color rules in your outfits. If you think you have to choose plain black then it can’t go anymore boring. Mix things up from the available color options to choose from.

Make sure you are keeping the theme of the mask constant and matching with the personality or outfit you will be carrying. Keeping things bright and loud will be great for an outing but if you have recently re-joined the office then keeping such a fancy look might look odd as per the environment you are setting in so keep it subtle yet stylish enough to make the heads turn.

2. Don’t Ignore The Fabric

Your mask will be there touching your face skin for the larger part of the time you are staying outside and hence choosing the best available fabric becomes very essential.

Never compromise on your comfort and safety for your style, try to keep your mask thick enough for the filtration yet soft like cotton instead of a thin layer of superhero mask which only serves the purpose of making you look stylish while you are still getting fear of coronavirus and itching from the uncomfortable fabric of it.

When you are finalizing upon your custom face mask make sure you are keeping the face oil and sweat into consideration since silk or satin material-based masks won’t hold onto it.

3. Take Size And Snug Fit Test

Just like any other wearables, the saying “one size fits all” doesn’t hold true but fortunately, there are options available for you to choose the best fitting size and shape from the wide variety of masks they offer. Most of the websites will ask you for the fabric you want along with taking the measurements and providing you the suggestions of mask that will fit you the best. For a free size option, one can order their mask which has a strap based fitting mechanism where you can tighten or loosen up the mask you are wearing without hindering the process of ease-breathing.

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