Venusia, the Official Model Content Marketplace


What’s art other than the capture of beauty? And what are more beautiful and naturally attractive nude bodies?

Venusia wants to match the demand that has always been around in humanity. The passion of beautiful, sensual bodies.

Making use of crypto easy for non-crypto natives, The platform brings on its board influencers that have already a kinky fan base.

The Evolving Adult Entertainment Scene

From VHS tapes to scary trips to adult sections of movie stores and now accessing erotic content with just a few clicks at users’ convenience, porn has evolved. Models can also share their content remotely and earn via subscription platforms. With blockchain technology, NFTs present a new way for adult models to produce exciting content for fans and earn in the process.

Erotica functions optimally on dedicated platforms, and for NFTs, the industry has Venusia. Venusia directly partners with models to issue verified content that is tokenized to mint NFTs. Venusia has built a platform optimized for content creators and fans.

Creators on Venusia

Here’s what Venusia offers the creators:

Protected Content: Content creators can apply as models on Venusia and will be verified to eliminate impersonators on the platform. The platform boasts 100%, verified models. This way, adult stars are protected from counterfeit content from scammers. So, they get maximum impressions and earnings. Venusia deploys zero-tolerance to any illegal content and will remove such content and ban the culprit from the platform.

Dedicated to Erotica: Another way Venusia optimizes for creators is that the platform offers only erotica-inspired NFTs. Therefore, the platform increases traffic by attracting collectors looking to buy adult content NFTs. Also, there’s no censorship for adult content.

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Simplified Use: Venusia simplifies token minting for creators. Models who sign up do not need to be knowledgeable on NFTs or blockchain technology. Venusia will mint and list your NFTs on its marketplace at no additional cost. Payments are also fast and reliable.

Private encrypted content: Venusia allows creators to mint NFTs and hide their content. Only the buyer can access the NFT content.

Low Fees: Venusia takes fees as low as 1%, unlike other adult platforms that could take up to 15% of adult performers’ earnings.

Collectors on Venusia

Here’s what Venusia offers collectors:

Verified Content: Venusia verifies every model on its platform. So fans can be sure all NFTs minted are authentic. Authenticity adds value to rare items like NFTs.

Easy to Use: Sign up with simple steps by using your Google or Facebook account. Also, access multiple payment options when purchasing NFTs. Click on the ‘Explore’ tab to view listed NFTs from your favorite models. After buying an NFT, you can also resell on the platform.

Token Rewards: Venusia has a native token, $VENUS, that see automatically increase over time when they don’t use it. This works by redistributing 1%  transactions users make others.

Low Fees: Collectors can transact on Venusia at incredibly low fees, as low as 1%. More benefits come for $VENUS token holders.

Getting Started

To get started, visit Here, you can sign up and get verified as a model to start minting NFTs for your fans. Also, users can explore listed NFTs and start adding these erotica-inspired NFTs to their collection.