Top Gun 3 Soars: Tom Cruise and Co. Set for High-Flying Sequel Adventure

Top Gun 3

As Tom Cruise solidifies his “strategic partnership” with Warner Bros., the sky’s the limit for the iconic actor, and Paramount is making sure the adventure continues. News has just dropped that “Top Gun 3” is in the works at Paramount, with Ehren Kruger, co-writer of “Top Gun: Maverick,” currently crafting the script.

The project is expected to reunite Cruise with “Maverick” stars Miles Teller and Glen Powell, alongside powerhouse producers Jerry Bruckheimer and David Ellison. The helm might be taken by Joe Kosinski, who is reportedly considering either directing or producing.

Despite Cruise’s recent non-exclusive deal with Warner Bros., it seems his partnership with Paramount is still soaring high. Currently immersed in filming “Mission: Impossible 8” for Paramount, Cruise’s plate is brimming with thrilling projects. Meanwhile, a space-centric collaboration with NASA is also in the works at Universal, directed by Doug Liman.

“Top Gun: Maverick” stands as the pinnacle of Cruise’s career, grossing a staggering $1.49 billion. The film not only bagged an Oscar for Best Sound but also secured six Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture.

The speculation surrounding “Top Gun 3” as Cruise’s potential next venture after “Mission: Impossible 8” adds an extra layer of excitement. However, even without the sequel, Cruise faces a challenge in kickstarting new projects at Warner Bros. for the next couple of years.

Intriguingly, tonight’s news also sheds light on David Ellison’s Skydance, currently eyeing an all-cash bid for National Amusements. Ellison, a producer on “Top Gun: Maverick,” is in the mix with Red Bird Capital for the acquisition, a move that could significantly impact Paramount’s landscape.

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With Ellison’s strong ties to the successful “Maverick” project, the unfolding story of “Top Gun 3” promises another thrilling chapter in Tom Cruise’s cinematic legacy. Deadline has reached out to Paramount for further comments, and the anticipation for this high-flying sequel is already soaring among fans.