The Winter Wonderland Event Begins In Forza Horizon 5!

Forza Horizon 5

Forza Horizon 5 is hosting the Winter Wonderland celebration bringing four new cars, new Event Lab features, new tracks, and a new winter stadium.

Find FH 5 modded accounts on U7Buy and enhance your gameplay experience immediately! The Winter Wonderland has swept through Mexico in Forza Horizon 5. The game is inviting all players to make merry and delight in the new content including new activities, features, cars, and a winter-themed stadium. The Winter Wonderland event begins on December 4th and lasts for four weeks. Players are invited to partake in the jolly activities and earn exclusive prizes. The snowman collectible makes a comeback. This is your chance to enhance the ornament collection. The stadium opens its gates on December 14th. Candy canes and Christmas trees adorn this snowy arena.

Get Your Gifts from Forza Horizon 5′ Secret Santa!

Are you curious to see what Secret Santa has in the bag? Spoiler! It’s cars! The 2022 Gordon Murray Automotive T.50 and an Aston Martin are part of Santa’s treats. How do you obtain them? By being nice, of course. Starting on December 5th, all the gifts that players send to each other contribute towards filling a meter. When the meter is half full, all players get the Gordon Murray car. When the meter is filled up, the Aston Martin becomes available. The cars are exclusive to this event. The Winter Wonderland circuit becomes available on December 5th. Right from the get-go, you will be able to run the circuit in Rivals mode. Two days later, on December 7th, the circuit became open world. The track will become a permanent addition to future winter events. Three of the new accolades are available from the newly added circuit. Another accolade is set aside for those who complete the Festival Playlist car collection.

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Introducing the Forza Horizon 5 Winter Wonderland Festival Playlist Cars

Each Winter Wonderland week brings a new car. We have four cars to collect throughout the event. The 2009 Lotus 2-Eleven kicks off the Festival Playlist collection. The 2-Eleven is an open-top car featuring a minimalist design to reduce weight. The absence of unnecessary features contributes to a low curb weight. It was produced in limited numbers, making it a relatively rare and exclusive vehicle. The 2019 Morgan Aero GT is the second car available between December 14th and December 21st. The Aero GT features a distinctive and aerodynamically optimized design. It retains the classic Morgan styling cues but incorporates modern aerodynamic elements. Powered by a 4.8-liter V8 engine, the car is capable of impressive performance figures, including a quick 0 to 60 mph acceleration time. Week 3 brings us the 2022 Subaru BRZ. The compact sports car is known for its lightweight design and rear-wheel drive. The BRZ is designed to deliver a sporty driving experience, with an emphasis on balance and handling. The Festival Playlist concludes with the 2000 Lotus 340R. The Lotus 340R was produced in extremely limited numbers, with only 340 units built. Weighing just over 1,500 pounds (around 680 kg), the 340R has an impressive power-to-weight ratio.Come to U7Buy and read more about how you can purchase legit Forza Horizon 5 modded accounts!