Purushothaman of SalesDuo: Amazon Brand Analytics: Unveiling Data Insights to Inform Your Business Strategy



Amazon is unwavering in its commitment to supporting brand owners by providing a suite of exclusive tools designed to help build brand loyalty, grow your audience, and protect your brand. To grow an online store sustainably, it’s crucial to not only attract customers but also earn their loyalty. Achieving this requires a deep understanding of buyers’ needs, budgets, and interests, and the key to obtaining this insight is the right data. Brand Analytics, offered by Amazon, grants access to insights about customers’ online shopping and purchasing habits, enabling you to enhance your brand’s visibility and increase revenue.

What is Brand Analytics?

Amazon Brand Analytics is a tool that generates comprehensive reports covering sales, marketing, operations, customer behavior, shopping patterns, and trending developments. These reports help you make informed business decisions, assess your market share, identify new opportunities, and monitor factors affecting sales.

Brand Analytics is an add-on feature available to registered brand owners selling on the Amazon platform. It’s located under the Reports tab in Vendor Central and under the Brands tab in Seller Central. This feature is only accessible to those who own and sell their brands on Amazon, excluding third-party companies supporting the brand. Data is typically available in Brand Analytics within 72 hours of the close of a given period. 

Key features of Brand Analytics:

Top Search Terms: This feature provides visibility into the most popular search terms within a specific time frame, ranked by search frequency. It displays the top three clicked products, categories, and brands corresponding to each search term. This allows you to see how customers, in aggregate, are discovering your products and other items on Amazon.

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Market basket analysis: This tool provides insights into the products most frequently purchased together, revealing effective bundling and cross-sell opportunities based on customers’ buying patterns. It also enables analysis of other products bought alongside your offerings.

Item Comparison Report: – Gain insights into which products customers view after checking out your offers.

Alternate Purchase Report – Learn which products customers purchase after viewing your offers.

Repeat purchase behavior: This feature allows for analysis of customer retention and repeat purchase patterns by brand or by ASIN. It shows the number of orders received for each of your products or brands and the number of unique customers who placed these orders.

Demographics: This report helps you connect more effectively with your target audience or identify customization opportunities by providing customer demographics insights. Brands, Categories, or ASINs need to have 100 or more unique customers within the selected time range to be included in this analysis. Note that this report is available only in a limited set of countries.

The Brand Analytics tool can be used to target customers through campaigns (improving visibility via ads and keyword optimization), gain a competitive edge (by figuring out which products to add to your portfolio), and grow sales (by getting strategic about pricing, advertising, and planning promotions for repeat orders).

How to access Amazon Brand Analytics tools?

To access these tools, you must be recognized as a brand owner. If you don’t have access, visit the Brand Benefit Eligibility page (https://brandservices.amazon.com) to identify yourself as a brand owner and gain access to Brand Analytics and other exclusive benefits. If you meet these criteria but still don’t have access, contact Selling Partner Support. If you see an error message stating, “You do not have permission to access this page,” request that your Primary Account Administrator grant you permission to “Amazon Brand Analytics” on the Global User Permissions page.

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Amazon’s Brand Analytics is a powerful feature packed with valuable insights that empower brand owners to make informed, strategic decisions about their product portfolio and marketing/advertising initiatives. This tool aids in enhancing sales and visibility for your business.

While instincts can play a part in business growth, taking your business to the next level requires data-driven insights for informed decision-making. Amazon’s Brand Analytics can provide a clear snapshot of your business’s current performance and potential for growth or decline in the future. Guided by these data, you can gain insights into customers and competitors, laying the foundation for a successful e-commerce business.

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