Memorable events in the history of the World Cup

Memorable events in the history of the World Cup

“Pickles,” the Great One

Before the 1966 World Cup in England even began, the trophy was stolen. Pickles, the family dog, solved the theft that shocked the world when he stumbled upon the Cup on his daily walk. The mighty Pickles!

The 17-year-old Pele scores a goal.

The 1958 World Cup final between Brazil and Sweden was another historic event. Edson Arantes do Nascimento, better known as Pele, a Brazilian player, scored both of his team’s goals. He was only 17 years old. Pele holds the record as the youngest player to ever score in the World Cup Final.

The terms “Goal of the Century” and “Hand of God”

Maradona was without question the best player at the 1986 FIFA World Cup. Maradona, an Argentine soccer player, won a match against England with a famous goal. The goal was met with widespread criticism but was ultimately upheld. Maradona’s “the Hand of God” comment following the game, in response to claims that the winning goal was assisted by a hand, will go down as one of the most memorable moments in sports and World Cup history.

It took Maradona only four minutes after this historic goal to score again. Maradona’s “Goal of the Century” was scored after he drove the ball exactly 60 meters and put it into the net in an artistic fashion, both of which will go down in World Cup annals.

The famous stop by Rene Higuita

When Colombian goalkeeper Rene Higuita made a save that defied gravity in 1994, he forever changed the course of the game. After making the scorpion kick save, Higuita went on to become one of the most renowned goalkeepers in soccer annals.

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Infamous scream by Tardelli

It is no exaggeration to call the FIFA World Cup a “field of the contest” for the competing teams and players. Extreme emotions like joy and despair are on full display when everyone is pushing themselves to the limit to show what they’re capable of. For example, Tardelli, who scored the goal that put Italy ahead during the 1982 match between Germany and Italy, ran on the field crying with joy after scoring the winning goal. What happened next became known as “Tardelli’s scream” in World Cup annals.

What the Sheikh did to change the game

France was in the process of scoring when a whistle sounded during their 1982 World Cup match against Kuwait. Sheikh Fahad, a member of the Royal Family of Kuwait, wanted to call off the game after France scored. As it turned out, the goal was indeed overturned, but the French team still won the game.

Nuremberg set a new benchmark for referee card display.

During the 2006 World Cup, an incident occurred that was dubbed by soccer fans as the “Battle of Nuremberg (Massacre of Nuremberg)”. World Cup history was made when referee Valentin Ivanov brandished four red cards and 16 yellow cards in the heated match between the Netherlands and Portugal in Nuremberg, Germany.

As a show of excitement, the “Mexican wave”

The Mexican Wave is a fantastic example of the astronomical level of support shown by fans and players alike at World Cup games. The Mexican Wave, first shown by fans at the 1986 World Cup in Mexico, has since become an iconic part of sports culture and is regularly used by a wide variety of fan bases.

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