Hadar Simon: An Accomplished Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Hadar Simon


Hadar Simon is an Israeli-American entrepreneur and philanthropist who has made significant contributions to the fields of business and social justice. She is the founder of several successful companies and has dedicated her career to improving the lives of others.

Early Life and Education

Hadar Simon was born and raised in Israel. She attended the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where she earned a degree in law. She later went on to complete an MBA at Harvard Business School.

Career in Entrepreneurship

After completing her MBA, Simon founded several successful companies in a variety of industries. Her first company, a telecommunications firm, was acquired by a larger company just three years after its founding. She went on to found several other successful businesses, including a renewable energy company and a mobile advertising platform.

Philanthropic Work

Simon has also been dedicated to philanthropy throughout her career. She has been involved in several social justice initiatives, including work to improve education and healthcare access in developing countries. She has also been an advocate for women’s rights and has worked to promote gender equality in the workplace.

In 2020, Simon founded a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting women and girls in tech. The organization provides mentorship, networking opportunities, and resources to help women advance their careers in the tech industry.

Awards and Recognitions

Simon’s achievements in business and philanthropy have been widely recognized. In 2018, she was named to Forbes’ list of America’s Top Women Wealth Advisors. She has also been recognized by the Israeli government for her contributions to the country’s economy and social welfare.

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Current Work

Simon is currently focused on expanding her philanthropic efforts and supporting women in tech. She is also actively involved in the leadership of several companies and serves on the board of directors for several organizations.


Hadar Simon’s entrepreneurial success and dedication to philanthropy and social justice have made her a role model for aspiring business leaders and activists. Her work to promote gender equality and support women in tech is helping to create a more inclusive and diverse industry, and her contributions to social justice initiatives are making a positive impact on communities around the world.