Christmas Celebration Tradition Across the Globe

Christmas Celebration Tradition Across the Globe

New Year is about to arrive, and people have started decorating their houses and planning for parties and events. Well these things aside, what does New Year mean to you as a whole? It is said that New Year’s bring so many new doors in your life, some of which might not be as opportunistic as the other ones. The ones that lead us to success are great, but at the same time, the other doors teach us valuable life lessons that guide us further in our lives.  

New Year does not divide us into religions and other geographical boundaries; it is a universal celebration that is equally enjoyed in all parts of the world. The chilly winters add to all the excitement and beauty of this occasion. The extroverts go out, and party as well as go to adventurous trips. On the other hand, the introverts stay at home with their families sipping hot beverages and engaging in beautiful old memories. 

It is said that anything that starts with something sweet usually goes excellent, so slice up that giant happy new year chocolate cake with your friends and family to start the New Year with zeal and excitement. Talking about all the traditions, let’s line up a few traditional New Year celebrations across the globe. 

Hogmanay, Edinburg 

In Edinburg, is the capital of Scotland. This is a three days celebration. On December 30th around 8000, participants hold torches of fire and create a river of fire. These people march through the streets of Old Town, starting from Parliament Square going till the Calton Hill. This procession is accompanied by the people with drums as well as the traditional pipers that set the right mood and environment. Wee drams as well as ceili, Scottish feasting classical Scottish songs and dancing can be seen at various places of Edinburg and is a sight to behold and enjoy. The next time you visit Edinburgh, plan your visit at New Year, and you will definitely have a trip to remember. 


Junkanoo, a rich and vibrant Bahamian festival is believed to occur on the New Year’s Eve. This festival has its origins in the 18th century and was celebrated when the slaves were allowed to have a day off for their Christmas celebrations. This festival is celebrated by processions with loud traditional music as well as dance and is carried on to the next morning till 10 am. This tradition is now so ingrained in the New Year’s festivities in the Bahamas and is enjoyed every year with enthusiasm and zeal. The dancers and musicians hit the streets and are supported by the public with cow whistles.   


 In Japan, the citizens follow a Buddhist tradition by ringing temple bells 108 times exactly at 12 am. Are you aware that New Year’s Eve in Japan is also called Omisoka? The number 108 depicts the amount of human desires and the sufferings caused by them. Ringing the bells 108 times ensures that the person stays free from all the negative thoughts and emotions in the coming year. The Zojoji temple at Tokyo is one of the most iconic temples that celebrate some of the unique rituals at New Year’s Eve to mark the new beginnings.  


Are you a foodie who loves feasting on delicacies and traditional dishes? Well, then Estonia is a place that you should be headed to come New Year’s Eve. Here people believe in having a lucky number of times their meals. A little Confused? Well, in Estonia seven, nine as well as twelve are considered as lucky numbers and so people on New Year’s Eve seven, nine or 12 times to get as much strength they can get and to celebrate the new year with all the joy and fun. People willfully leave some food in their plates to make their ancestors happy as well.    So, this New Year’s Eve, step in your travelling shoes and explore around the world to have an adventurous New Year experience. Experience the traditions of different cultures as a part of your own celebration. You can create your unique family tradition by surprising everyone close to you with an online cake and Anniversary Flowers delivery at their doorsteps. This is the beginnig of a new chapter of our lives, and we have to make sure it is a special one. The more exceptional the beginning is, the better the year will be. With this thought in mind, expand your wings and fly off into an adventurous journey of exploration and experiences.

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