All about Kryptox and Blockchain Currency Exchange


KRYPTOX is an open source project aiming to offer a completely decentralized, secure, and efficient cloud storage service that also serves as a peer to peer payment system like Bitcoin.

KRYPTOX allows users to rent out their unused space to other participants. The network uses KRYPTOX Token, as the currency for driving the network. In an effort to ensure a good performance, the KRYPTOX team has started a test phase for their network. The team is inviting users who want to participate and accurately deliver reliable and relevant feedback about the network operation.

KRYPTOX nodes, or average computers running the software, sell resources to store and transfer information and earn KRYPTOX token, or other cryptocurrencies, in exchange for their services. Anyone can run the software and earn some extra cash for leasing their spare hard drive space and bandwidth.

The KRYPTOX team already started the first Test Phase and is currently preparing to begin a second and final Test phase which will be focused on the system functionality and capacity.

In the first test phase, users in the Group A were able to experiment with KRYPTOX services. KRYPTOX asked power-users in Test Group A to spot problems and provide feedback.

Kryptox is currently re-architecting some aspects of the platform based on the delivered feedback from Test Group A data. The team stated that further announcements are to be expected in the near future.

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