4 Rules of Headhunting Elite Sales Professionals


Our experience is that headhunted sales professionals need to be treated differently than talent sourced from a job board. Because of this, we developed a playbook titled The 4 Rules for Elite Professional Hiring Managers who are looking for top performers in their field without breaking the bank or using traditional channels like advertising agencies where you might be in competition with other companies.

Offer a Setup

The first rule of headhunting for truly elite sales performers is that you must offer a significant step up. When this happens, the point-of-view from which they are being hired changes and so do their expectations.

The key to making sure your decision matches up with what’s expected in return lies not only with matching qualifications but also meeting people where they’re at by giving them something worth accepting before even broaching conversation about compensation packages or benefits plans because nothing would be more awkward than coming back empty-handed after all those years working together.

Change Your Expectations and Approaches

HR and sales headhunters want to hire a type of person who will work hard, not be afraid to take risks. Headhunted talent doesn’t behave in this manner because they are less confident about themselves- so instead it’s important for them to make sure team members feel supported with even more encouragement from management when things go wrong.

Headhunted talent is more hesitant to take risks, which can lead to an opportunity being passed by. Sales professionals should be competitive and willing to work hard for their opportunities instead of playing it safe as headhunters do.

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Understand the Value of Headhunted Candidates

Some companies have a hard time finding good sales people because they only go after the most experienced and knowledgeable candidates. This can be an expensive process, though- which is why many organizations seek out talent via headhunting firms like Sales Talent Company LLC., who recruit from databases of potential employees as well as those on staff at other companies or working elsewhere in your market area.

In order for us to find you something appropriate we need more information about what kind of position(s) would interest you best: location; brief description – job tasks/responsibilities please state type (part coach/teacher), years relevant experience.